Crisis creates compassion—and change.

Throughout our lives, times of crisis have led to innovation. We crave comfort, strength and joy. Instinctually, we turn to food as our healer. Where we are unbalanced, nature grounds us, providing the seeds to grow beyond our everyday circumstances.

This is where nature intersects food and health to deliver a powerful dose of deliciousness designed to give our bodies exactly what we need not just to survive, but thrive. As a response to COVID-19, our bodies went into fight, flight and freeze mode. We knew something had to change for us to feel better—to feel anything. 

Via Viaggio comes from a place of need—to be supported in mind and body. Take this journey with us. Together, we can feel hope and joy again.

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Silvana Nardone


I love to feed people really good food that makes them feel great. My food adventures started in magazines—Food & Wine, Saveur and then editor-in-chief of Rachael Ray Every Day. In between corporate gigs, I wrote six bestselling gluten-free cookbooks and opened food businesses. My first was the cult Italian bakery Fanciulla, then Cooking for Isaiah® gluten-free flour blends and now Via Viaggio. What do they all have in common? Each was my call to action in times of crisis—9/11, my son's gluten intolerance and COVID-19—and a reminder to love every day more than the last.

Doug Schneider


After a two decades-long career in the photography and publishing industries,
I broke away from the corporate world to pursue more creatively satisfying projects. After launching my food photography business full-time and embarking on rock and roll adventures in the Dude of Life Band, Via Viaggio emerged as my true dream job. Creating a product that looks cool, tastes amazing and helps people feel better
is the most rewarding gig I've ever
had and collaborating with the incredibly talented Silvana is the icing on the cake.